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 Cold or what!?

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PostSubject: Cold or what!?   Thu Dec 16, 2010 2:53 pm

Well heck who said south Fla doesn't have cold weather.Oh yeah that was me lol.We just got over the earlist and coldest cold front I can remember. We set records for the coldest since 1841. It went down to 35.Now its been colder before but not this early.Then the next night it went to 33. But alas it is South Florida and it is going back up to 80's by Saturday It's 75 right now.My turtles have filed an official protest to the weather man for his stupitty in forcast.First cold then hot what up with dat.I thought they might bury them selves and try to semi hybernate but they aint having no part of that.This AM we gave them scrambled eggs Warmed up shrimp from dinner last night and brussel sprouts and cantelope and lettuce. Dang they ate it all so the cold hasn't stunted their appetite for sure, eat all. Now the Sulcatas are a little peeved about the cold but then they are desert torts and really like the hot weather best.But them piggies still came out to sit in the sun and wait for the Hibiscus flowers my wife plucked for them.They also got some OLD potatoes that were getting funkie for breakfast. We cant wait to come up to Aunt Sherries and bring the Yankee boxies back down here to enjoy the southern comfort of Florida leisure living.The turtle resort is getting a upgrade this weekend. We are getting my oldest son to help enlarge the area and add another water pool to bask in . I still can't do anything but I did retire as a boss at work and my pointing finger still works. Don't need a cane to point and supervise lol. So turtles and torts send their best Christmas wishes to their northern friends and are sending invitations to come down and play in the Sun ahahahahah. Well we did go 1 week without the Air conditioner on Muhahahahahahaaaaaa. Laterz yall. Cool b6
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PostSubject: Re: Cold or what!?   Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:47 pm

its cold as Hell here and on top of it all it snowed of all times it had to be when me and yvonne went to do our xmas shopping the roads were slick and i was all over the road went to her house at 1030 am well i left here and didnt make it there til almost 1130 its a 17 min drive from my house to hers but i drove 10 to 20 miles an hours becouse it was soooo bad icey and snow and these back roads are a real bear to drive so all day we drove very slow and it took from 12 leaving her house to go to the stores and mall all day to get back here and i finaly got home about 730 8pm and was still driving about 20 miles an hour and slideing all over the darn road i hate snow and ice and i hate cold weather think i might try to sneak my self in a box with the turtles and live in toms back yard hahahahaa

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Cold or what!?
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